The real calling of «xxs» is artistic direction, with a special interest for webdesign.
For over ten years, «xxs» has been expressing its creativity in different fields,
from advertising to illustration, along with films and internet as its favorite playgrounds.
With over twenty years of experience in graphic design, advertising and typography community,
the eclectic and fun-filled spirit of the «xxs» members always bring a fresh look on their work,
regardless the nature of the project or its category.
Rather than imposing a style, «xxs» would impose an approach and a mindset.
Each creation has to be unique.
«xxs» offers astounding solutions,
while respecting the workplan and image issues of its clients.
xxs is directed by Jérôme Tham.

We provide services within:
Identity Design
Web Design
E-commerce Websites
Mobile Applications Design
Motion Design
Interior Design